Green lacquer porcelain tube Wirewound braking resistance

Product Specification

Brand: twjohm
Model: RX20
Rated Power:25W-5000W
Material: Wirewound Resistor
Quality: In line with ROHS/SGS

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RX20 Green lacquer porcelain tube Wirewound resistor power resistance

■ Product features

The wire wound high-power resistor adopts high-frequency porcelain tube instead of clay tube. The high-frequency porcelain tube has the characteristics of durability, high power, high heat dissipation and small volume. The surface coating adopts Taiwan nano silicone coating, which is green, environment-friendly, non-toxic and odorless, and ensures stable power, good heat dissipation and safety. All hardware fittings are thickened, widened and installed stably and safely.

1. High current impact resistance, good power load performance and wide power range.

2. All welded structure, the product has high reliability.

3. Vertical ripple on the surface is conducive to heat dissipation and reduce parasitic inductance. High flame retardant coating is selected to effectively protect the resistance wire from oxidation and prolong the service life.