Boat type aluminum shell resistor

Product Specification

Brand: twjohm
Model: RXG
Rated power: 60W-120W
Materials: Aluminum Case Resistor
Quality: In line with ROHS/SGS
Color:silvery white

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Ship type aluminum shell resistance frequency converter braking starting charging resistance

The aluminum shell  resistor adopts high heat dissipation aluminum alloy shell and high temperature resistant material as the resistance matrix, which is filled with high insulation and non combustible filler. The resistance matrix is closely combined with the resistance wire and metal shell, which has high stability and thermal conductivity. It has the advantages of fast heat dissipation, vibration resistance, high power, strong overload resistance, small volume, convenient installation and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for harsh industrial control environment. It is an ideal supporting product for electronic power. It is widely used in frequency converter braking, elevator, rolling mill, crane, wire drawing machine and load aging test.