RXLG Trapezoidal Aluminum Shell Braking Resistor

Product Specification

Brand: twjohm
Model: RXLG
Rated power: 60W-10000W
Materials: Wire Wound Resistor with Aluminum Case
Quality: In line with ROHS/SGS
Color:silvery white

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RXLG Aluminum case power braking resistor
Application: aluminum shell resistance, also known as braking resistance, regeneration resistance, load resistance, discharge resistance, braking resistance, high-power resistance, discharge resistance, etc. it is suitable for harsh industrial control environment and is an ideal supporting product for power and electronics.
As a braking resistor, it protects the frequency converter and servo from the damage of motor regenerative electric energy.
It is used as a false load in electronic equipment such as generator and inverter system to test various performance indexes of the equipment.
In electronic power equipment, it is used as sampling resistance, current limiting resistance, starting resistance, protection resistance, discharge resistance, charging resistance, regeneration resistance, regeneration resistance, etc.
In the circuit of frequency converter, servo, power supply and other equipment, it is used as current limiting element or voltage dividing element to adjust and stabilize the current and voltage.RXLG-1.jpg