RX24 Gold Aluminum Housing Resistor

RX24 gold aluminum shell 5W/10W/50W/100W/200W/300W/500W resistor

Brand: twjohm
Model: RX24
Rated power: 5W-1000W
Materials: Wire Wound Resistor with Aluminum Case
Quality: In line with ROHS/SGS
Color: Golden

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RX24 Aluminum Housing Resistance Power Resistor

Wire Wound Resistor owns high stability and accuracy. Moreover, it was used for various application because of the wide resistance range.

Aluminum Housed. An insulated cover on the wounded wires would block out the heat, which promises the high performance of a resistor. Hence, the cooling job was achieved by aluminum case.

With the compact structure and heat dissipation design, a capability of overload has been built.

Reliable. Problems like the flush LED would have a perfect solution, or you can use it in any AC DC circuits, converter, inverter, motor speed control, drivers, etc.