Shenzhen Taiwangjia Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a resistor factory, to produce high-quality high-voltage resistance, glass glazed resistance, high-voltage flak resistance, winding resistance, aluminum shell resistance, cement resistance, brake resistance, glazed resistance, precision resistance, oxidation film resistance is well-known, independent research and development, manufacturing, founded in 2013, has its own brand "twjohm".

As a resistor factory, the company independent research and development and design at the same time absorb the advantages of mainstream equipment at home and abroad, structural design simple and reasonable and pay attention to details and innovation, with the advantages of both scale and strength, and constantly create market miracles with high-quality products, we have a sophisticated first-line production team.

Taiwangjia products are widely used in power supply, power system, high voltage equipment, high pulse equipment and other advanced fields.